Science and Collaboration Create Trust

OneTransplant, LLC was founded to veraciously innovate transplant systems in order to save more lives around the world.

  • Science – Our team has been published 500+ times in the peer-reviewed literature, including for seminal scientific contributions that have changed transplantation from the bedside to federal governments.

  • Advocacy and Legislative Expertise – Evidence-based health system reform requires collaboration with multiple stakeholders. The OneTransplant team has a proven track record of scientific advocacy leading to changes in federal laws and policies governing donation and transplantation.

  • Technology and Inventions – We innovate, we create, and we invent solutions that disrupt the status quo and catalyze efficient, adaptable, and sustainable transplant technology.

We represent clientele across the world from our headquarters in the United States. Our expert team specializes in all areas of organ donation and transplantation. Regardless of your needs, our team has the knowledge, resources, and passion to assist with your goals.

Innovation Without Barriers

Building and improving systems and processes directly affecting patient health require meticulous planning, understanding, and execution. OneTransplant has proven ability to build innovative and deploy globally scalable technology platforms efficiently and absent bureaucratic barriers.

  • Innovation – OneTransplant, working with federally designated organ procurement organizations and transplant hospitals, built the first GPS Tracking Platform to safely and efficiently monitor the transport of organs, preventing loss. The OrganTracker system was debuted as a solution for integration with existing transplant match systems in 2015.

  • Decision Support and Risk Intelligence – We have created the world’s leading applications for decision support and risk-prediction modeling for optimizing organ matching and transplant patient survival.

  • Human Capital and Team Development – The OneTransplant team’s role is to lead the development and lead large diverse teams that will implement solutions for our clients. Our client needs to dictate the team we build, and our “bench” is quite deep. We also specialize in recruiting and retaining your top talent with the power to effectuate change.

OneTransplant will partner with you to develop new systems and improve current systems, improving patient outcomes, efficiency, accuracy, and security. We use time-tested learnings combined with new innovation to built better Organ Donation and Transplant systems and programs around the world.

“Organ Donation and Transplantation knows no country, no borders. It is an emotional and forever bonding event in those lives touched by our industry. We are driven by a founding principle – knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the catalyst for evolution and advancement. Everything is possible using collaborative efforts of thought and intelligence.”

Michael Levan, CEO, Founder, OneTransplant

Donation and Transplant Technology

Our technology solutions serve the entire donation and transplantation networks

Organ Tracking and Logistics

The FIRST proven platform with real-time GPS organ tracking and drone delivery

Data Intelligence, Science, and Analytics

Our solutions are backed by data scientists from the world’s most renowned institutions

Process Evaluation and Quality Improvement

Our team has DIRECT experience in every area of Donation and Transplantation, from former Government to Patient

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary team of organ donation and transplant experts committed to efficient, community-driven, and transparent technology solutions.